Identity Evolution



Alien's Tribune

This was the first design we ever produced. We walked up to the top of Mountain View Cemetery to take some pictures. Our initial idea for clothing designs was pictures of different spots in Oakland that we loved, but we quickly realized that digitally printed heat transfers are inferior to other methods of design production on apparel.


Blue Skies

Hmm, this is an  interesting one...all we can do now is look back and laugh. We were high schoolers who strived to become independent individuals. And we sure felt like it. 



This was the first design with our first logo, the triangle with the City of Oakland tree. The triangle represented Delta (∆), which means change. This correlated with our initial mission to combat the negative perceptions about Oakland that are disseminated in the media but non-existent in the city itself. The drive behind the founding of stOAKed was to show the haters that everyone genuine from Oakland loved their city more than anything else. Oakland will always be home for so many people – and so many people that can't afford to live here anymore.